River Water Systems 

  • With many years in the business, LDB PureWater has tackled many different river water situations. We have become the leading professionals in river water treatment in Manitoba as the Winnipeg and Lee rivers' water challenges have been met and conquered. 
  • With over 150 river water systems installed in LDB and area, we know river water and how to effectively resolve sediment, colour, and bacteria issues. 
  • Our in-house water technician performs a water analysis on your water to ensure we provide a system that is designed around the water in your home. Although homes use the same river water, each home can be very different from the next.

   NextSand sediment filter 

Sediment Filters

Introducing our new NextSand sediment filters. In addition to providing much finer filtration than traditional sand and multi-media filters, NextSand requires less backwash rate and volume, has higher service flow rates for a given volume of media, and it costs less, too! It requires no salt or chemicals, as a simple periodic backwash removes all collected sediment. 

Colour Removers

Our tannin/organics filters are a new technology that will make your water crystal clear. Utilizing a regeneration with the addition of salt or potassium,it is able to collect all colour from water, and effectively flush it down the drain with each backwash. Tannins (brown in river water) are created by decaying vegetation. They can clog appliances in the home and shorten their life. 


       Tannin/ Organics filter


Light Sterilizers 

*Our Ultraviolet sterilizers kill bacteria, pathogens, and coliforms. All this is done without chemicals. 

*U.V. rays are 4X more effective at killing bacteria than chlorine is. 

*Ballast measures power draw of bulb and notifies you when it needs changing.

*Some of the longest lasting bulbs available. Up to 1 year with a surge suppressor.

*Immediate treatment process; no holding tanks, long retention times, etc.



Well Water Systems 

       Water Softener

 Water Softener

Our softeners use an on Demand controller that measures how much soft water a family uses, and regenerates only when necessary, saving water and salt costs. 

With soft water throughout the home, your appliances and fixtures  will last many years longer. Skin will feel cleaner and there is less need for soaps and chemicals to clean laundry. 

Programmed around each individual home/cottage for specific water requirements. 

Chemical Free Iron Filter

Natural oxidation removes iron without chemicals or air pumps. With much less regeneration, it uses 50% less water than traditional iron filters. Fully adjustable cycles allow for efficient filtration to specific water requirements. 

Uses a  time clock and water meter to ensure system regeneration is performed only when needed. 

Oxidation also removes all odours in the water. Sulphur and iron smells are removed in the process. 


Drinking Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Neatly stored under the counter, the Reverse Osmosis system provides you with clean and delicious water straight from its own dedicated tap.
  • Inexpensive filter changes (under $20 for all 3).
  • Membrane last 3 to 5 years. 
  • Removes all tastes and odours; bottled water quality. 
  • 50 - 75 gallons produced per day.
  • the most economical system around while still providing excellent quality. 

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